Natural Face Lift

Yes, this treatment will give you a natural facelift. More importantly, by working with the loose connective tissues in the face, neck and décolletage, this treatment will enhance your immune function, depuff the face, reduce stress and release old emotions stuck in your facial muscles.

This treatment includes:

Buccal massage

  • Decreased jaw tension
  • More pronounced jaw 
  • Lifted neck
  • Pronounced cheek bones
  • Softened "smokers wrinkles"
  • Lifted jowls 

Loose Connective Tissue Tecnique

  • calm down nervous system
  • flood skin with nutrients
  • remove inflammation
  • promotes muscle tone

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • depuffs the skin
  • brings in fresh lymph fluid to nourish the skin
  • promotes glow

10 treatments once/twice per week will effectively re-educate the facial muscles and take years off your face.