Sculptural Face Lift with Buccal Massage

Enjoy euphoric bliss during this wonderful relaxing facial massage treatment. 

This treatment begins by stimulating the lymphatic system to discard the old dirty lymph fluids and bring in fresh new lymph fluid to feed the skin cells.  This will immediately decrease puffiness & dullness in the face and promote a healthy glow.

After lymphatic cleansing, this treatment focuses on toning, lifting and sculpting the facial muscles.  We hold so much tension in our facial muscles throughout the day and even night (think jaw clenching.)  The great release of the muscles during this treatment allows for profound emotional rejuvenation, while reestablishing optimal facial structure. 

Buccal massage is a facial massage technique that accesses the many small muscles and bones of the jaw and mouth area.  Vinyl gloves are used to invigorate these muscles from inside the mouth and out.

Buccal massage promotes:

  • Decreased jaw tension
  • More pronounced jaw 
  • Lifted neck
  • Pronounced cheek bones
  • Softened "smokers wrinkles"
  • Lifted jowls 

This treatment is concluded with a rose quarts mask over the décolletage, neck and face which encourages all the good sculpting and lifting work achieved during this treatment to hold for as long as possible. 

10 treatments once/twice per week will effectively re-educate the facial muscles and take years off your face.